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Come and join us in our endless summer by subscribing to the newsletter at the bottom of the page!
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A blue sky. The sun that warms your skin. The grains of sand that slide between your toes. The sound of the waves running aground on the rocks, not far from the spot where you decided to settle down with your friends. There is enough shade for Sarah and a sunny spot for Laura and you so that you can polish your tan and look gorgeous in this yellow dress you just bought. You are sitting on your towel enjoying yourself. You bought a burger in the booth next door. You laugh ! You've been laughing for a while now listening to Sarah telling her folk stories as usual, sipping her coconut water. Its good! It's so good! But it could not be otherwise because you are at the beach.

This is what made us want to make jerseys, our best ally in these stealthy moments. It makes the wait softer, the moment stronger, the memory more beautiful.


The purpose of our swimwear is to make the body smile when it is in its simplest form. Strong pieces from the inside and the outside that provide the confidence to feel free. We make it your best ally to accompany you and make your memories of feet in the water, hands in the sand and head in the sun unique.


We are talking about collection in quotes because we do not want to present our products as collections. Bridle our choices by a theme ... It does not interest us. We want to let ourselves be carried away by our desires and these inspirations captured in the spirit of the times. Our inspiration comes mainly from fun moments at the beach, sun-kissed skin, women with character and full of life. We imagine what can put you at the top of the top on the beaches.

We are free spirits. We want to do things as we feel at the time and do it in all sincerity.


What guides us when we imagine our jerseys is originality. Contrary to what one might think, the swimsuit is a product that still leaves room for creativity. Our creativity is stimulated by our sole desire to sublimate Beachlovers and make them unique.

When designing our models, 3 aspects remain essential: modernity, daring curves which emphasize the feminine curves, colors chosen meticulously to highlight a beautiful tan.


We have chosen fabrics of Italian origin for the quality which is recognized for them. In addition, the many technical characteristics that we ask for the ideal jersey, they are distinguished by a particular power. In the sun, their color is revealed and intensified. Suffice to say that when we discovered that, it immediately became what we needed. And who believed it!? ... They come from the recycling of old fishing nets…


We wanted to offer quality swimwear because it is important to feel confident in a comfortable product. But it is also because a product is all the more beautiful when its quality is visible.

Having a good knowledge of the fashion industry, having our shirts made in Portugal was obvious. We wanted our models to benefit from quality labor at a reasonable cost. We give you a secret ... Portugal has mastered knitting skills. And the jerseys… It's mesh!